Homecoming 2019 - Our Very First Major Event

It was a festive, fun, and rewarding evening for all those involved with our First Annual Homecoming. We had over 180 in attendance at St. Joseph the Worker Church. Many thanks to St. Joseph for hosting and donating that venue.

Many, many volunteers helped in so many ways. We had a silent auction with over 40 baskets and they all sold beyond our expectations. The live auction, held by auctioneer John Pfeiffer was very successful with active and strong bidding.

Overall, the financial success was incredible and Family Promise thanks all the wonderful volunteers, sponsors, and attendees.

The true success of our program was witnessed by our former guests, who spoke at the event. They and their two children were our first graduating family. They spoke about how Family Promise truly worked for them as they reached their independence, and are currently enjoying their new apartment and jobs.

Please keep in mind our next Homecoming event will be in March 2020, and we will be sharing the date and venue in the near future. Also, if you are interested in participating in the development of the event, please let us know, as we are starting the event planning in August.

Thanks again for the help of so many, many people that make Family Promise Work so well.

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Todd McClincey