Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help families who are in need and demonstrate the ability to benefit from assistance provided by Family Promise. The mission is carried out by a network of congregations and other community resources working together to meet the immediate, basic needs of displaced families and assist them to build patterns that will bring long-term stability.


Why I Volunteer

"Supporting local families is the ultimate way to both give back to our community and to support the future of our children."

— Anthony Crimaldi, Chair


Vision Statement

We envision an ever growing, broad-based and coordinated response from private-citizens in the Lehigh Valley who are motivated and empowered to provide care for entire families in a holistic and home-like environment, enabling those families to become self-sufficient. This vision includes guiding and nurturing a network of area congregations as the steadfast and inspired source of assistance to the homeless families in our surrounding area

Our Programs

Our hospitality program offers case management and shelter to homeless families in the Lehigh Valley.  The program is designed to help individuals achieve sustainable independence while engaging people with diverse backgrounds to come together and form lasting partnerships. Our unique model recognizes that maintaining family units increases successful outcomes. The latter allows couples or a single parents to remain with their children while being sheltered versus being separated by gender. This program offers enrichment to participants and volunteers alike and helps foster self-sufficiency and community engagement.

Services We Provide

  • Safe overnight and day shelter

  • Private sleeping space for each family

  • Transportation

  • An address to receive mail

  • Three meals per day

  • Assistance in securing permanent housing

  • Assistance in gaining employment

  • Mediation

  • Education programs

  • Referrals to service partners

  • Advocacy

  • Monitoring and coordination of services

  • Laundry facilities

  • Shower facilities

  • Kitchen facilities

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Family Promise Success Stories